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Welcome to Horsey Creek! We are a truck management company based in Crisfield with Agents in the North East, South East amd the Midwest regions of the united Sates.  


Our team of professional dispatchers look forward to helping you become profitable and staying profitable.  We offer a full menu of dispatch services to help you run and manitian a successful business.  


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Horsey Creek Truck Mgmt. is built on the belief that good owner operators can stay loaded and  be profitable.  You make all decisions for your company, we manage your truck by finding you customers, building and maintaining customer relationships, negotiating your rate and providing all back end support to meet the requirements of the load.  Horsey Creek Truck Management offers you a myriad of services that will simplify the process of carrier freight acquisition and management.


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We specialize in Refridgerated Trucks, Dry Vans and Flat Beds.  We offer teams, drop trailer, and warehousing services.  Click below for more information on our range of services.


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